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                                  Pavan & Rita Gupta…the Image Makers

The Guptas do not call themselves photographers but would rather be recognized as the “Image Makers”. With a background in Graphic Design since 1967, both Rita and Pavan have used photography only as a tool for identifying and recording their visuals. The real work begins post photo recording. The visual elements, the tones and textures are important to their compositions. The theme of their work is pan-India cultures in the contemporary context. Ultimately, the Guptas are the ambassadors of India’s cultural diversity through visual communications.

India is a composite civilization of disparate cultures, belief systems, traditions, languages, cuisines, dresses and much more. An overwhelming majority in India and abroad looks at this diversity only in terms of religion. Pavan and Rita look at India very differently.  For them it is not a nation state but a bouquet of democracies. Each unit of this composite has its own interpretation of a way of life and yet there is an Indianness in the whole of the subcontinent. 

Pavan and Rita Gupta's Biography:

Graduated from Sir J J Institute of Applied Arts, Bombay / Mumbai in 1971

Members of "Adventurers" - an exhibition of greeting cards in 1970 at Rampart Row Art Gallery, Bombay, India

Established an Art Studio in 1972 and a Silk Screen Printing unit in 1976 in Bombay

Moved to Syracuse, NY in 1982 to study Masters Program in Editorial Design at Syracuse University

Published a book "Corporate India 500" in 1987
Exhibitions of Digital Fine Art Images on Photo Matt Paper or Canvas since since 2015:

Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai - Jan 2015

Oceanside Art Walk, Oceanside, CA - May 2015

Oceanside Art Walk, Oceanside, CA - August 2015

Leucadia Art Walk, Encinitas, CA - August 2015

The Trident Art Gallery / ArtWalk, Nariman Point, Mumbai - Oct / Nov 2015

San Diego Artwalk, San Diego, CA - April / May 2016

Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai - Oct / Nov 2016

Santora Art Gallery, Santa Ana, CA - Feb / Mar 2017


San Diego Artwalk, San Diego, CA - April 2017